Efficient Software Development

Efficient  Software Development


Many small and medium sized companies need software development done inhouse. However, there are couple of problems.


1.0 Fresh Community College and University graduates are not well prepared to apply the knowledge of academic learning to software development.

2.0 The academic and industrial gap of software development is generally learnt on the job and on one’s own initiative. The training takes about 3-5 years.

3.0 Many small and medium business unknowingly becomes the training ground for fresh graduates. The fresh graduates learn the trade at your expanse and after some time they go to a better paying company, leaving you cold


So what is the solution?


1.0 IAS Research was established to exactly solve this problem. We are well trained in contract software development. We bring our expertise to be productive in first hour- not first year. And we are economical. You can expect to pay 50% of the cost of in-house development cost.


2.0 We achieve this level of efficiency by using process and methods that is industry standard and proven to be effective in software development. Software architecture using industry standard UML- 2.0 is an example of this process. Many small business lacks the knowledge of best practice of software development and in the process wastes time and money unnecessarily.


3.0 We continuously communicate the project and progress with your in-house employees and management using continues delivery method. DEVOPS is one such popular method.


How we bring value to your company. Here are some salient points:


Technical Value & Advantage:


1.0 Solve difficulty in Finding Experienced Software Developer.

2.0 Our large industrial experience and expertise brings values by choosing right methods and architecture.

3.0 No need to train employees that leave you in the middle of the project.

4.0 You can engage us for short term and long term projects

5.0 High level of accountability.

6.0 Our cost advantage


Operational Value & Advantage:


1.0 We have our own cloud facility for hosting and Virtual server based development

2.0 Complete Software life cycle management

3.0 Devops and continuous Delivery

4.0 We have corroboration server/GIT and Scrum server for distributed development

5.0 CMMI Compliance and standardized process and tools

6.0 Cross platform development LAMP/JAVA/ASP.NET/MEAN

7.0 Software Architecture and lifecycle and maintenance using UML - a well documented system can be expanded with minimal problems.



Financial Value & Advantage:


1.0 Canada has low dollar value and universal health care makes us competitive

2.0 No time zone problems

3.0 No cultural and language barrier


Proven Values & Results:


1.0 We have been engaged in Software Development for 40 years

2.0 We have ample customers and project experience

3.0 we are familiar with small business work environment and work culture


Strategic & Cultural Fit:


1.00 We understand your financial strategy in our development process

2.0 We understand your operational strategy into our development process

3.0 We understand your Competitive strategy into our development process



We have seen your advertisement that you are looking for engineering gradates in software development. We are a software development company located in Canada with three decades of experience . We engage in contract software development assignment.


We engage in small and large projects and are competitive in price and performance.

We can work at your premises if that is necessary continuously or periodically.


We have cloud based collaboration server and scrum facility for Devops and continues delivery We comply with CMMI maturity models.


Please give us a call or email for free initial consultation to explore possibilities. We trust we will be positive assistance in your endeavor.



Engineering Design and Consulting Service

 Engineering Design and Consulting Service


Getting experienced technical help for  a specific project is difficult, if not impossible if the project requires complex technical skill and expertise.

Senior Technical people are looking for long term stable opportunity and your requirement is for short term and project specific role . How do you solve this problem.

IAS Research ( IASR) was developed to address these specific need. Experienced Engineering design professionals to take care of your short term and long term  development   and design and specific technical projects.

 Since we are located in Canada and our dollar is 40% cheaper than US dollar, you get the benefit of the price too. Canada has low cost of living since health care is free. All these advantages add up to make IASR  inexpensive for your project. In addition we have 35 years of Industrial experience backed with advanced academic preparation.  You can leverage this experience to your advantage by associating with us.

We work in the following fields:

1.0 Power Electronics and  Smartgrid

2.0  SYSTEMC/TLM and VLSI ( FPGA) Design and Development

3.0 Software Engineering- J2EE( Enterprise Java), ASP.NET( Microsoft C#)  and LAMP ( PHP Development)

4.0  Hardware Software Co-design and ARM SOC Design

5.0  Agile Development using Ruby on Rails

6.0   NOSQL, IOT and Machine Learning

7.0    Digital Communication and DSP


We work with your existing Engineering team to augment expertise and collaborate together. Our online collaboration tool make communication and project management seamless. We even come to your premises in specific interval to facilitate project and complex scenario discussion. And most important of all, we engage in project small and big.

Please contact us to learn how we can be of assistance in your endeavor.


Renewable Energy and Microgrid Solutions

Renewable Energy and Micro-grid  solutions is part of a  Smart grid Technology.  System Level Simulation and Analysis services are provided in all aspects of smart grid Technology.

System Architecture and operational analysis of the grid and microgeneration is analyzed in details in such studies.

Reactive Power Compensation

 Reactive Power compensation in Indian Transmission and Distribution  Grid.  A position paper about problems, methods and solutions. This paper also states our approach and solutions methods.

V VARW Concept

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