Globalization and 21st Century

Globalization and Software  is at the core of change and we address  both these problems. Geting help from a qualified people is almost impossible unless you are a Fortune 100 company. even then hiring , traning and retating talented people is almost impossible. It is due to this problem that we see one company is snachiong talended people from other company.

It was due to This reason IASR was created to solve the dual problem of Globalization and shortage of technically trained people at a short notice and for a specific task.  You do not need the people, traning and HR- when you have techncial problem – you can consult with us.


we are always open to exmine your intial problems and see if we can offer any solutions. All communications are confidential and indial discussion is free of cost. You can contact us by email and or phone and or skype. Please note we are located in various geograhical places.  we maintain North american Central Standard Time (CDT)  zone.

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