Our Journey through Java Spring Frameworks

Our Journey through Java Spring Frameworks


 Objective is  to Create a Multi Tired Web Application that will run on a load banacer based cloud platforms. The cloud plaforms is itself is based on Openstack.


 Development Platforms

1.0 Unatu LTS

2.0 Centos 7 Dev Server on Quarcode AMD

3.0 UML  enterprise Architect from  from Sparx Systems 

4.0  Domain Driven Design of  evanas Book.

5.0 Agile Methods Scrum.

The problem

Not every one has Sprinng and J2ee Background

Solutions: Get Udemy courses in Spring Framworks and get them in Sync.

Some does not understand Postgress and Tomcat what to do

Answer Refer them to Murach JSP & Server Let books.

Force Junior people to ask questions- Hinding in meeting is not permitted.


 The Problem

 Why not Use spring smaples and other other opensource frameqorks

This is a good quyestion- we are looking at Spring smaples







1.0 Spring in Action 4th edition - Manning 

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