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Hardware Software Codesign


Hardware Software Co-design

As system on chip and embedded systems becomes  complex we need  a repetable method to design such complex system. Muticore Soc, Advanaced Network communication, multithreaded embedded database with transcation facilty  introduces complexity that needs  clear seperatetion of hardware and software design. A system level perspective involving, application software, operating system, hardware and network communication is necessary. Hardware software co-design provides such solution using Transaction level modeling and virtual prototype system.  We generally use systemc and systemc for this kind of assignment.

Virtual system based co-simulation methods using tools and  technology like Systemc/TLM  and UML provides flexibility to simulate entire system and study the interaction of hardware and software. Such co-simulation can detetct and rectify early design problems and bottle necks.

Typically such virtual system could be used for performance, latency and power consumtion if the target is mobile and or arm systems.

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Telecommunications and Networking

Telecommunications and Networking

We provide solutions in digital communication and telecommunication technology. Complete simulation, analysis and design services are provided. We specifilize in multicareer communication protocol like OFDM and Turbo Coding Technologies. System Implementation. simulation in Matlab and programming in tagret DSP is provided.

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Electronic System Design

Electronic System Design

Electronic System Design
We provide PCB Design and fabrication fabrication facility. We provide compliance service to TUV, CSA and TEC standards.
We specialize in SOC platform like ARM and embedded linux based system Design. In the network arena, we work with Ethernet, WIFI and Zigbee protocol. We have extensive background in Linux Kernel of every flavor and TCP/IP Networkig protocal stack. Yes we have read Kernel and TCP/IP source Code.
We use opensource virtualization platform like QEMU to perform emulation for quick design ternaround.

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering is concerned with software development of large scale systems. Software Engineering Involves programming, modeling, tools, people, process and methodologies to design, operate build na dmaintain large and complex haterogenous software systems. Software engineering deals with indiustrial scale software development problems.

We use various design techniques such as agile methods and ULM and design Architectural design patterns of accomplish software design. We work in various market segments such as website Design, electronic commerce design and ERP systems. We work with PHP- and Java Technologies.

Our primary focus is on  content management system based Website,  Enterprise E-commerce Solutions and ERP  systems.  We adhere to Lean six sigma methods of continuous learning and improvement.

 Software engineering draws it s content from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and project management methods.

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