Hardware-dependent Software: Principles and Practice 2009th Edition

ESL Design and Verification: A Prescription for Electronic System Level Methodology

Transaction-Level Modeling with SystemC: TLM Concepts and Applications for Embedded Systems

System Design with Systemc

System Design with Systemc

Hardware Software Codesign Research and References


admin - Posted on 04 November 2009

Date 09/2/2010: Time 13.00 HRS CDT

Lab Work:

1.0 I am working on UML modeling of Multiprocessor systems
Ref: UML for Soc Design Grant Martin- ISBN 0387257446
2.0 Exploring QEMU for suitability of co-design Environment.

What I am Reading:
0.0 Greensocs- getting started

1.0 Embedded Software Development of
Transaction level modeling with Systemc- ISBN-0387262326
2.0 Integrated System-Level Modeling of Network-on-Chip enabled Multi-Processor Platforms- ISBN- 1402048254
3.0 Hardware-dependent Software: Principles and Practice- ISBN 1402094353

What I am watching

I am building a list of Hardware Software Codesign Bibliography up-to-date to 2009. This also reflects the materials that I have absorbed and digested in my academic journey.

1.0 The University Research Groups
University of Tubrigan
2.0 UCLA Berkley
3.0 Books
System Design with systemC- Grotker.
4.0 Transaction Level Modeling with systemC- Genassia et. al.
Conference papers
5.0 ESL Design and Verification
6.0 GREENSOCS -http://www.greensocs.com/

Journal Papers
1.0 UML Base Multiprocessor Soc Plaforms - Nokia Research- Acm Transaction Paper 2006

Academic Tools
Denmark Getting Started Paper Attached as PDF
Industrial Tools
Important Methodologies
1.0 VHDL
2.0 Verilog
3.0 SystemC

Draft Papers:
1.0 Overview of Codesign- ESL,UML, SystemC,TLM,RTOS,SOC
2.0 Application of Linux Virual Machine( KVM,QEMU, OVP) as Co-Design Platforms

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