Remote System Explorer 1.0 is released

How do I work with remote Tomcat server- Accessible with SSH/FTP Only from Eclipse IDE


The Target Management Project is pleased to announce its first public release: The Remote System Explorer (RSE) 1.0 is now available for download as well as the project update site.

RSE is a framework and toolkit in Eclipse Workbench, that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems, including

  • remote file systems through SSH, FTP or dstore agents (seamless editing of remote files including remote search and compare),
  • remote shell access (compiling with error navigation),
  • remote process handling through dstore agents,
  • and remote debugging through CDT / gdb.

Committers will enjoy the ability to seamlessly work on servers directly from the Eclipse Workbench. Add-in providers can use the RSE framework to contribute their own remote system and connection types. For getting started, please check out the



 1.0 Remote system explorer for IDE- Weblink

Last modified on Friday, 03 March 2017 20:31

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