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Java Development- OFBIZ - TOMCAT and ERP Development


admin - Posted on 04 August 2011

Date 3/08/2011- 12.00 HRS
In this report , I will explain my Journey with Java Servelets programming, Apache Tomcat and Apache OFBIZ project. The idea is to creat a customized version of ERP solutions, based on OFBIZ Framework.

My development server is a Centos 5.5 based duel core system- 4 GB Memory- 500GB Sata-ii connected to me my desktop using VPN. I use Eclipse and Netbeans regularly. My UML editor is Enterpise Architect 7.0. All the Development work Gets done using windows Xp and Windows 7.

Seting Up the Tomcat was Easy- Just download and Install it. Yum has an old package. Any way tomcat runs on Port 8080.

Things that I need to learn to move ahead.
1.0 How do I change the Admin password of Apache Tomcat.
2.0 Run a test example on the Tomcat
3.0 Read the Source code of openbrave and OFBIZ
4.Create Few crucial UML Diagrams of the source code.

1.0 Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, 2nd Edition - A great Book and I like the Style.
2.0 Murach's Java SE 6: Training & Reference
3.0 Open Bravo
4.0 Ofbiz

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